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privy adj
1 hidden from general view or use; "a privy place to rest and think"; "a secluded romantic spot"; "a secret garden" [syn: secluded, secret]
2 (followed by `to') informed about something secret or not generally known; "privy to the details of the conspiracy" [syn: privy(p)]


1 a room equipped with toilet facilities [syn: toilet, lavatory, lav, can, john, bathroom]
2 a small outbuilding with a bench having holes through which a user can defecate [syn: outhouse, earth-closet, jakes] [also: priviest, privier]

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  1. (old use except in law) private; secret; exclusive
    The king retreated to his privy chamber.
  2. with knowledge of; party to; let in on
    He was privy to the discussions.


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WC, alive to, anonymous, appreciative of, apprised of, awake to, aware of, back-door, backhouse, backstairs, basement, bathroom, behind the curtain, behind the scenes, bog, buried, can, clandestine, closet, cognizant of, comfort station, concealed, conscious of, convenience, covert, crapper, earth closet, feline, furtive, head, hep to, hidden, hidlings, hole-and-corner, hugger-mugger, in the know, in the secret, incognito, informed of, inmost, innermost, interior, intimate, inward, isolated, jakes, john, johnny, johnny house, latrine, lavatory, let into, loo, mindful of, necessary, no stranger to, obscured, office, on to, outhouse, personal, powder room, private, privileged, privy to, quiet, rest room, retired, secluded, secret, seized of, sensible of, sensible to, sequestered, shifty, shrouded, skulking, slinking, slinky, sly, sneaking, sneaky, stealthy, streetwise, surreptitious, toilet, toilet room, undeceived, under-the-counter, under-the-table, undercover, underground, underhand, underhanded, unobtrusive, urinal, washroom, water closet, wise to, withdrawn
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